We offer comprehensive services related to recruiting foreign domestic workers according to the rules and regulations stipulated by the Ministry.

Services Includes:

  • Print, receive, and forward applications to the Ministry

  • Provide live-in or daycare domestic workers according to the potential employer's needs, on weekly, monthly or yearly basis case.

  • Provide additional services (medical examination issuing a residence permit/ID card, domestic worker airport pickup, drive workers to the location of employment, health insurance, etc.)

  • Help clients learn the nationalities and professions available for recruitment

  • Conduct pre-recruitment interviews

  • Train and prepare workers for the job

  • Provide a specialized support center to ensure the balance of the relationship between both parties

  • Provide accommodation for the domestic workers

Recruiting domestic workers, include the following:
  • Assistant

  • Cook

  • Housekeeper

  • Gardener

  • Body guard

  • Private nurse

  • Private tutor

  • Farm supervisor

  • Farmer

  • Horse trainer

  • Hostler

  • And Many more...

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